Friday, May 14, 2021


An Alternative

There is an alternative.

The two-party system is crumbling before our very eyes. Good and seemingly caring and committed people continue to engage in tribal bickering on all levels of government, and Clinton is not immune. A painfully predictable “us vs. them” mentality keeps each side blaming the other without moving forward quickly enough to address the increasingly desperate cry for relief. We are left wondering: “What can we do?”

I am constantly seeing calls for the formation of a new third party. The Green New Deal was penned by the Green Party, so we are more than dedicated to addressing the unique issue around climate change. We are already on the ballot in most towns for a variety of positions. Clinton alone has nearly 10 Green Party members on local boards and commissions (both elected and appointed). Growing this already-established progressive option is well on its way. We value both the working-class populists and the sustainable-minded environmentalists. This diverse coalition of citizens is helping to reframe the debate, and we warmly ask you to join us.

Because the voice of the people must be heard, we are here to help the people help us all. Let’s work together to think globally but act locally.

Tania Abbatello, Chair
Clinton Green Party