Friday, May 14, 2021


Attention to the Issues

Elections are a time when we evaluate the incumbent candidate for their leadership and attention to the issues that affect us all. Healthcare is one of those issues. Recently I read a letter by someone who was concerned about his health insurance covering a pre-existing condition and sought help from State Representative Christine Palm (D-36). She investigated the issue and found that he would be covered by Access CT.

It is reassuring to know that Rep. Palm understands how important it is to protect people with pre-existing conditions, especially when this policy is being threatened by the opposing party. Many people recovering from COVID-19 will have prevailing symptoms and will need that coverage.

Representative Palm has been an advocate for her constituents in other ways as well. Here are a few: For months, she made wellness calls to constituents to assess their needs during the COVID-19 lockdown and provided updates about the virus and its impact. During the special session of the legislature in July, Representative Palm voted against price gouging by pharmaceutical companies and for a cap on the cost of insulin. Rep. Palm was instrumental in expanding access to the absentee ballot for the November election. She voted “Yes” on this measure during the special session.

As a voter, I am confident that State Representative Palm is aware of the crucial healthcare issues that affect us all. We need to make certain that she is re-elected to continue working for us as our state representative in the 36th Congressional District.

Gail H. Hoxsey
Deep River