Thursday, May 13, 2021


Keeps Us All Informed

Since getting elected last February, State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) has been outstanding with keeping residents updated about business in the legislature, his stances on key issues, and on events in our community. In particular, I’ve found it very refreshing to see him so active on social media like Facebook.

Throughout session, he posted regular videos updating residents on hot-button issues like the budget. During the pandemic, he posted near-daily updates with guidance on the governor’s executive orders and links to resources for families and small businesses, especially about navigating the state’s overburdened unemployment system. Back in January, he even put on a seminar at Hagaman Memorial Library about how a bill becomes a law.

I subscribed to his email alerts when he first got elected and since then I’ve enjoyed getting his emails about everything from opportunities to testify in Hartford to important local events.

So many times, I feel like we elect leaders and then we never hear from them again until the next election. That’s certainly not the case with Rep. Zullo. He communicates efficiently and regularly and does everything he can to keep us all informed. He’s getting my vote on Election Day and I’m encouraging my friends and fellow residents to support him as well.

Danielle Verderame
East Haven