Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Embodies All the Ideals

As a career educator and member of the East Haven Board of Education, I support Dave Yaccarino’s candidacy for state representative for East Haven. He embodies all the ideals in government and public service that I stand for.

Public service is a calling. I believe Dave Yaccarino has that calling. He has the desire to serve the citizens of East Haven by representing their middle-class interests in Hartford.

Dave is a scientist working hard to overcome the difficulties we face right now. I believe he will be the best representative for me and all the senior citizens, working people, and children of East Haven. He will work devotedly for the people and will put their interests and concerns first. Dave wants middle-class families to get a fair deal in our state. He will never protect big business from their duties to their employees. There is no profit without people and the good of the people cannot be sacrificed for profit.

The topics that are important to us are important to Dave: earning enough to pay the bills, good schools, affordable healthcare, and a dignified retirement. As a senior citizen this is very important to me. I want my benefits protected, not cut.

Dave is smart, hard-working, and will fight for working people. He will be a great public servant. I encourage your readers to vote for him to be our state representative.

MaryAnn Pellegrino
East Haven

Democrat MaryAnn Pellegrino serves on the Board of Education.