Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Experience and Competent Leadership

I support State Senator Norm Needleman for re-election to the 33rd District. He has been an outstanding advocate for his constituents, and this has been particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden onset of the pandemic resulted in a climate of fear and uncertainty, and it was a time that called for competent leadership. Senator Needleman provides that leadership.

He consistently provides supportive information and updates regarding health and safety measures. He also shares information about state programs providing financial assistance to constituents, as well as information for veterans. Senator Needleman also understands the concerns of seniors and those with pre-existing conditions. This is evident in his support of expanding access to the absentee ballot for all eligible voters. Work to change the state statute during the special legislative session will enable voters to vote safely without risk to their health and safety.

Senator Needleman continues to demonstrate that he has the courage and determination to make essential decisions to protect his constituents.

A vote for Norm Needleman is a vote for experience and competent leadership. He may have an opponent in this election in Republican Brendan Saunders, but there are few who can measure up to this seasoned public servant. I encourage your readers to return Senator Needleman to the 33rd District.

Bruce Edgerton
Deep River