Thursday, June 24, 2021


A Natural Leader

In order to preserve our fragile environment and improve educational opportunities (traditional, technical and vocational), we need a leader representing us in Hartford who is passionate about these issues. That leader is Christine Goupil. Christine has proven her abilities as Clinton’s last first selectman and she has continued to serve our community on the Town Council and the Connecticut River Health District Board.

Christine has long championed maintaining our environment. While living in England a number of years ago, she served on the Prince’s Foundation for a Built Environment. The organization supports environmentally and fiscally practical and ecological ways of planning and designing homes and buildings for the 21st century.

Christine is a fighter for what is right. She’s a fighter to upgrade our schools, a fighter for middle class and struggling families, and she’s fighter to preserve and protect our environment. Christine is a warrior for the issues that effect those of us that live in our beautiful shoreline communities and in our state as well.

I know Christine to be a natural leader. She has the enviable reputation of being both smart and meticulous. She is well-qualified and deserves to be elected our 35th District state representative. She has my vote and I hope she has your readers’.

Al Engel