Friday, May 14, 2021


Record Speaks for Itself

In November, I’ll be casting my vote for John Hall for 35th District state representative. John’s record speaks for itself. John has served our community for years fighting for equality and justice.

He has served as both selectman as well as chairman on the Zoning Board of Appeals here in Westbrook. He is the owner and operator of Maple Breeze Farm here in Westbrook. Maple Breeze Farm is a beautiful farm that has been in John’s family for more than three centuries and one in which his family takes great pride, as well it should. Its beauty and tranquility are reminiscent of yesteryear, painting a picture for future generations to revel in all the beauty if beholds.

John is true gentleman who extends his hand offering his help whenever he can. John is the president of Artech Water Systems. When our well had issues this past year, I called John. John insisted on coming over the following day. John came over on a Sunday to help us restore water to our home. John always has a smile, one that lights up a room.

We are blessed to be neighbors and friends of John’s. In November, I’ll be voting for John Hall, the man who gets things done.

Marvin Brown