Friday, May 14, 2021


Willing to Work

Our environment is under threat as never before and it’s more important than ever that we raise our voices in defense of the climate and our future on this planet. We are very lucky to have State Representative Christine Palm (D-36) as our state representative at this time.

She is an active member of the General Assembly’s Environmental Committee and has advanced several acts regarding environmental protection, such as including climate change education in the public school curriculum and banning off-shore drilling in Connecticut. Her legislative work has been recognized by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club of CT, both of whom have endorsed her.

Not only is she working to advance environmental protection bills through the legislature, she’s willing to roll up her sleeves and do the hard physical work, too. When my husband organized a Source to Sea cleanup for Pratt Cove, Christine showed up with no fanfare and hauled trash with me. There was no media there and it was hard work. She did it without complaint.

I can’t ask for a better leader than someone who both has the vision to shape our legislation and the work ethic to get the difficult and thankless jobs done. Re-electing Christine Palm will benefit our community both now and in the future.

Sarah Herrick
Deep River