Sunday, June 13, 2021


A Refreshing Perspective

Here in the 35th District this coming November, we are very fortunate to have a third party from which to choose! Many of us have been longing for choices outside of the two-party system. Consequently, I’m very happy to support John May as our Green Party candidate for the 35th District. His passion for the working-class people is evidenced by his platform, which includes career options for high school students who are unable to attend college. His support for a public power utility is a refreshing perspective in light of the recent issues with Eversource.

Electing officials who will vote for the ranked-choice voting bill will open up our state to more easily considering other options when making the difficult decision on whom to vote for rather than be resigned to voting against a particular individual. In supporting this very important step towards a more democratic process, John proves to be a dedicated proponent of moving our process forward for the people with the issues rather than partisan party politics in mind.

Voting for third-party candidates allows these parties to gain ballot access for future elections as well as opening up the discussion about issues that may not be discussed by the two major parties. As a third party candidate, John is not beholden to a corporate party mandated platform and is able to more fully represent the people in his district.

I hope your readers will join me in supporting John May for state representative.

Tania Abbatello

Tania Abbatello chairs the Clinton Green Party.