Friday, May 14, 2021


Bettering our Community

Campaign season can feel redundant. We hear candidates making promises and we never know if they will really come through. If there’s anything that I’ve learned since 2018, it’s that State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) can work through the gridlock in Hartford and she delivers on her promises.

In 2018 Christine campaigned as an energetic and enthusiastic solution-oriented candidate, advocating for the environment and small businesses. Throughout her tenure in the State Senate, she has gone above and beyond what she sought out to achieve. She helped eliminate the business entity tax and defeat the grocery tax. She passed bans on plastic bags and fracking waste, and created a pilot program to look into industrial hemp production, a promising cash crop.

That said, Christine didn’t just disappear to Hartford. On top of passing important legislation, she has fought for our district. She’s held town halls and really listened to what her constituents need. She has kept us informed during COVID-19, helped us navigate state and federal pandemic assistance, and voted to hold utility companies accountable to rate-payers. She created the bi-partisan Coastal Caucus to protect our shoreline, a resource near and dear to us here in Branford.

Christine knows an election isn’t just about winning a seat, it’s about bettering our community. I wholeheartedly endorse her re-election.

Len Farber