Sunday, June 13, 2021


Focus on Economic Development

In these final weeks before the election, I wanted to share why I firmly believe that we should elect Christine Goupil, an experienced and dedicated public servant, to be our next state representative for the 35th Assembly District in Hartford. Christine’s core beliefs and commitment to Democratic values are what drive her to be the best for the position.

Her priorities include support for sustainable and inclusive communities, the transition to universal healthcare, women’s rights, options for seniors, education, and the environment. But what frequently gets overlooked is her laser focus on economic development and awareness that this is the key to financial stability for our towns.

Christine is fiscally responsible, with which I, as past chair of the Board of Finance, am keenly familiar. Bringing in revenue is equally important to where and how to spend money in the best interest of all stakeholders. Her two years as first selectman in Clinton provided her with the arena in which to gain this experience and make an impact.

Voting for Christine is plain and simple. She is the clear choice for representing us at the next level. Clinton is better for having seen her leadership and she is ready to do more. Christine Goupil will deliver, she gets things done without fanfare. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Christine Goupil.

John Olsen