Thursday, June 24, 2021


A More Equitable State

Every registered voter should be able to cast their ballots no matter the situation. Previously Connecticut has held very tight restrictions on eligibility for absentee voting and, perhaps after the pandemic subsides, will return to those guidelines. This is the reason why in 2018 voter turnout was a little more than 50 percent. We must consider the elderly, those without proper transportation, those with conflicting work schedules—individuals who are forced to pass on their constitutional rights. All of this will be remedied in the future if we elect someone who opposes Connecticut’s strict guidelines on absentee voting.

That person is Christine Goupil. Christine’s running motto is economy, equity, and environment and she believes in order to become a more equitable state, we need to do away with restrictive voting and replace it with commonsense absentee ballots. Those who can still show up to vote should, but those who are unable should not lose the ability, too.

I encourage your readers to vote for Christine for 35th District state representative in November!

Ryan Tartisel