Tuesday, May 11, 2021


A Voice at the Table

I am looking forward to casting my vote in support of two very dedicated public servants: State Senator Paul Formica (R-20) and State Representative Devin Carney (R-23). Both are incredibly hard-working and knowledgeable on the budget. We are lucky that both stepped up to serve on important committees, including Paul on Appropriations and Energy and Devin on Finance and Transportation. They each want to ensure that we have a voice at the table when significant legislation is being negotiated.

As a retiree, I want to know that people in Hartford are working to ensure the quality of life is good here. Paul and Devin have both have a strong record in this area. They both fought against the proposal to raise taxes on groceries, both supported reducing taxes on pensions and social security, and both have advocated for aging-in-place initiatives.

They’ve got my vote because of their strong records and I hope your readers will support them on Nov. 3 or by absentee ballot.

Sandy Matthews
Old Saybrook