Sunday, June 13, 2021


An Added Bonus

I am writing to support John May, the Green Party’s candidate for House General Assembly District 35 (Clinton, Killingworth, and part of Westbrook).

To my mind, John May represents sorely needed change from the stagnant, partisan-driven, business-as-usual stance of the two major parties. John supports small business while also being a staunch environmentalist. In this age of faceless, mega-corporations and a growing climate crisis, his perspective is a refreshing and much-needed departure from the wait-and-see attitude or the outright denial in the two major parties.

John’s work with the Clinton Economic Development Commission and its efforts to bring a strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics program (STEM) to Clinton, his vocal support for business/school partnerships, and his work with the Clinton Conservation Commission are just three examples of his recent public service.

John’s support for ranked-choice voting, an idea that is currently bringing greater fairness to the political climate in the state of Maine, is an added bonus to his candidacy.

Hugh Birdsall