Friday, May 14, 2021


Brings Deep Understanding

I write to share my support for Christine Cohen (D)’s re-election to the State Senate from the 12th District.

During her first term in office, I have been constantly impressed by Sen. Cohen’s exceptional ability to govern. To my mind, she exemplifies enlightened leadership by educating herself thoroughly on subjects in the public interest, pursuing information independently and then advocating for her well-informed positions, whether on the environment, healthcare, or police reform. These are all challenging subjects, and she cares deeply about representing her constituents—all her constituents—to the best of her ability.

Of equal importance to me during the pandemic, Sen. Cohen has advocated for and enacted clear communication with her constituents. She has sent weekly messages and daily updates on social media that address the developing conditions in the communities that she represents. Reliable, local information is critically important right now, and the reports from Sen. Cohen have helped my family to reach decisions about what it safe to do and when throughout the months that our community has been impacted.

One of the things that I appreciate about Sen. Cohen is her balanced perspective on business matters. As a small business owner and corporate executive before that, she brings deep understanding to issues affecting businesses and their employees. Again, when confronted by issues that are beyond her experience, she has contacted representatives on both sides to ensure that she can form a fair opinion. She has reduced government barriers to the success of businesses in our community and sought effective compromises to help our community thrive.

I have been deeply impressed by Sen. Cohen’s governance in her first term, and I feel that she is the best candidate to help lead our community and our state in the future.

Mark Mitchell