Friday, May 14, 2021


Energy Level and Dedication

I support John Hall, who is running for 35th District State Representative. John would represent Clinton, northern Westbrook, and Killingworth.

I have known John for many years and he has always been there when I needed an issue resolved. He is owner of Maple Breeze farms. The farm had been in his family for almost 400 years. I am sure he could have sold the farm and walked away with a lot of money, but John and his wife Bonnie have integrity. They rise early in the morning and put many hours on the farm to keep it going as a working business.

John Hall also is selectman for the Town of Westbrook, in addition to being the member of the Connecticut Farm Bureau. The Connecticut Farm Bureau promotes and supports small farms in Connecticut.

His fight has always been for the average person. He strives to keep government at an affordable level as can be seen by the fair taxes in Westbrook.

I don’t know where John get his energy from. I suppose his passion for the people he represents is part of the reason. I have come across very few people in my 72 years that even come close to the energy level and dedication to making Connecticut a great place to live. I encourage your readers to support John Hall on Nov. 3.

Robert Passoni