Thursday, May 13, 2021


Good Common Sense

I’m one of those who just want to live my life and let the politicians run the government, but it’s becoming apparent that the pool of capable representatives is diminishing. So, for the first time, I am actively participating.

I am endorsing John Hall for state representative in the 35th District. John is a practical man with good common sense. He is the owner of Maple Breeze, a working farm in Westbrook and the president of Artech Water Systems. As a small businessman, he is keenly aware of the many different taxes and fees in Connecticut. In 2019, USA Today characterized our state as having “an unfavorable business tax climate.”

Mr. Hall has a long history of service to the community he loves where he has served on the Economic Development Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals for 27 years, and the Board of Selectmen for 11 years. He is a fiscal conservative who has contributed to Westbrook’s standing as having the lowest tax increases in recent years along the shoreline.

He is dedicated to conservation, which is why his family farm has been around since the 1600s despite development offers. He is also committed to agricultural rights so that Connecticut residents can have locally grown produce and meat. He is currently the president of the Middlesex County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

John supports law and order and respect for the police. He feels the police have been unfairly stigmatized. He has been endorsed by the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police.

In a world of talking heads, John is the real deal.

Maureen Wellman