Thursday, May 13, 2021


Respects Individual Rights

I’m voting to re-elect State Senator Norm Needleman (D) for the 33rd District. Senator Needleman is the chair of the Energy and Technology Committee and led the charge to call for the Take Back Our Grid bill, the resignation of Eversource CEO after four days without service from Isaias, and the capping of rates after summer rate increases. He’s the vice-chair of the Planning and Development Committee and has secured grants for equipment acquisition for East Haddam and Portland. He initiated much in the two years in Hartford and works tirelessly for all 12 towns in the district.

Norm has served as the first selectman of Essex since 2011; prior, from 2003 to 2011 he was a selectman. Essex has the second-lowest tax rates in the district. He does these roles taking little or none of the allotted pay out of his desire to see our communities thrive. How very unpolitical. Did you know Norm also started a manufacturing business 40 years ago, now run by his sons, and employs 150 folks?

I am voting for Norm because he knows how state, town, and businesses need to work to move Connecticut forward. His vast experience is probably why he runs two committees at the state already. How great to have our district prominently represented. For the first time our state senator has emailed weekly newsletters that give me a full picture of what is going on in the region, and I am well informed and connected.

If you have met Norm, you would be struck, as I was, at how kind, inclusive, and cooperative he is. I know that he respects my individual rights and will fight against federal or state dictates. Norm makes sense! I encourage your readers to join me and vote to re-elect Senator Norm Needleman.

Marie Farrell