Sunday, June 13, 2021


Some Fresh Thinking

It’s time for a new state representative for District 35, representing Clinton, Killingworth, and northern Westbrook. That person is Clintonite John May, the Green Party candidate. The two major parties have not done a good job for Connecticut. A third party can and should win to show the major parties they must start delivering. I know John May and strongly support his candidacy. John is an intelligent young man who will have no party bosses in Hartford to kneel before. He will work for us, the people. Lets add some fresh thinking to Hartford.

What do I like about John: he supports something called STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs in high schools, especially locally. STEM promotes a “classroom to workforce” pipeline for students and employers. So instead of neglecting non college-bound students, they will gain job skills, self esteem, and exposure to local technical businesses. John currently supports STEM through his work on Clinton’s Economic Development Commission.

Law enforcement is a major topic these days. Rest assured that John supports our local police departments on the shoreline. He believes that Clinton has a great department, which is a fine model of community policing. That is a department that ensures interactions with the public are as positive as possible. They help people at every opportunity, solving problems.

John also believes in local control of our towns and schools. The state raises our property taxes by shoving burdensome mandates down our throats without providing the required funding. A new example is body cameras for police that both police and John support, but are very expensive. Ask, where that money will come from?

Sherri Escobales