Friday, May 14, 2021


True Sense of Service

Dave Yaccarino embodies the East Haven values that families in our community depend on, and I am proud to be able to cast my vote for him for state representative on Nov. 3. Having served in the legislature for eight years and spoken with thousands of residents during that time, I learned what mattered most to East Haven families: ensuring their loved ones have access to quality medical care, having opportunities to get and retain family-sustaining jobs, and being able to pay the bills every month. I’m grateful to see Dave Yaccarino prioritizing those exact things in his campaign as he aims to tackle high prescription drug costs, address the unfair tax burden on our middle class, and protect wages and benefits for East Haven’s families.

The more I have gotten to know Dave, the more I have realized that we have a lot in common. Dave is the kind of person who puts his head down and works hard, regardless of the obstacles before him—he’s knocked thousands of doors in East Haven over the past few months to prove that. He’s empathetic and understands the needs of others, as those he’s met on the doors can attest. And he has a true sense of public service running through his blood, just like his father, a successful Republican state representative from North Haven.

In these times of increased political polarization, we need people like Dave Yaccarino who are willing to listen to all points of view and work across the aisle to deliver real solutions for East Haven’s families. I hope your readers will join me in supporting Dave Yaccarino for state representative on Nov. 3.

James Albis
East Haven