Friday, May 14, 2021


An Outstanding Job

I would like to thank Mayor Joseph Carfora and Director of Public Works Charles Coyle for an outstanding job in handling the severe microburst that occurred on Aug. 27. Considering the amount of devastation that happened in the Foxon area, the entire East Haven public service response teams were just amazing. From Mayor Carfora’s immediate action driving around the areas checking the damage, to the Fire Department walking the neighborhoods checking on us all because all lines of communication were down. East Haven Police were doing what they do best. Public Works, under the direction of Charlie Coyle, were and still are clearing the piles and piles of trees and brush left behind from the storm.

I personally would like to thank the Public Works personnel for the timely and thorough pick up of the huge piles at my house. I don’t know how we would have handled this without their help.

Paul Burns
East Haven