Thursday, May 13, 2021


Good Will and Good Sense

I am writing to applaud the Old Saybrook Board of Selectman for approving the Resolution: Racism as a Public Health Crisis. This resolution acts as an affirmation of both our civic values and the principles of our republic. The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) also wants to thank all the individuals who participated in bringing this matter to the Board of Selectmen.

Recognition of the public health crisis of racism is an acknowledgment of a fact of life for people of color; one that has persisted for decades. It should not be seen as a diminishment of others’ demographics, but a stance that can improve the lives of us all.

The resolution puts a principled challenge before town boards and commissions to rigorously and carefully consider the implications and impacts of policies and practices on people of color, their wellbeing, and good health as a normal part of doing business.

This means engaging directly with those communities, collecting relevant data on how policies and practices affect these groups, and making this information transparently available to the community. Too often, racism’s impacts are hidden. However once in the open, the good will and good sense of the community can come to bear in a positive way.

The DTC appeal to all citizens to recognize the opportunity for Old Saybrook as a community to support the Board of Selectmen’s resolution. We have nothing to fear, nothing to hide. Translating this resolution into meaningful and positive actions will raise up the entire town.

John O’Brien, Chairman
Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee