Thursday, May 13, 2021


Make Our Voices Heard

The people of Guilford have been invited to participate in planning for the safety of our roads and the preservation of our historic districts. It’s urgent that we make our voices heard.

On Dec. 1, 150 people took part in a Zoom call to learn about South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG)’s study of Route 146, including the beautiful stretch known as Leetes Island Road, a designated National Historic Roadway, to Water Street, then Boston Street, ending at the intersection with Route. 1. SCRCOG Deputy Director of Transportation Stephen Dudley emphasized that SCRCOG hopes to hear from as many citizens as possible by Thursday, Dec. 31.

On Nov. 25, Guilford’s Safe Streets Task Force Chair (SSTF) Sam Gerritz and First Selectman Matt Hoey announced that the town has hired the Schmidt Design Group to evaluate every sidewalk and road in the town, including where town roads intersect with state roads—as 146 does—and they, too, want to hear from as many citizens as possible.

“One of the driving forces behind the [town’s] investment is a desire to avoid confusion and conflict that marred previous attempts at improving pedestrian or cyclist safety and access in Guilford,” according to the Nov. 26 story “Safe Streets Task Force Asking for Guilford Community Input.”

In other words, to spare us another wrenching and divisive struggle with any self-appointed group like the Shoreline Greenway Trail, which didn’t actually talk with most of the people on its proposed route but wanted to take charge of the planning process. We cannot let anything like this happen again.

SCRCOG, Hoey, and SSTF want this to be a truly open and inclusive process where individual citizens can make their voices heard. To contact Stephen Dudley, email To reach the Safe Streets Task Force, email

Patricia Klindienst