Friday, May 14, 2021


A Concern to the Entire Town

The Dec. 24 article “Affordable Housing Committee Charge Approved, with 2022 Deadline for Plan” should be reviewed with Governor Ned Lamont’s executive order on coastal resiliency in mind. Several agencies, including Climate Central and the MReport, assert that affordable housing projects are disproportionately placed in areas of risk. Nuisance and chronic flooding can reduce the value of a piece of land, making these areas are more attractive to developers. Flooding can lead to health and safety issues such as moldy basements, flooded septic systems, closed roads, and structural damage. Living expenses can be higher due to the need for flood insurance and maintenance. Additionally, the people in these homes are more vulnerable, with fewer resources to fall back on.

Appointments to this commission need to be considered carefully as the financial and social cost of these homes is a concern to the entire town of Madison. Sunny-day or nuisance flooding will become a large issue in the future. I encourage everyone interested to look into serving on this committee.

April Allen