Friday, May 14, 2021


A Place for Kids

I am a sophomore at The Morgan School and have been hanging out at Peter’s Complex and the skatepark with my friends since I was in middle school. There are always many kids skating or biking at the skatepark, including families with little kids.

The skatepark is a place for kids to feel safe and relaxed. It also provides a place for kids who don’t prefer to play team sports to exercise and practice a hobby. There are not a lot of things for kids to do in town, and taking away the skatepark would take away an opportunity for kids to hang out and do an activity together.

There are a lot of resources put toward sports fields in Clinton, and I appreciate that because I do play sports on those fields, but resources should also be spent on facilities that kids use for exercise and socializing, like the skatepark. While it might not appear as busy as the basketball court, it is just as important for kids to participate in individual sports that don’t require a team and spectators.

I’m glad there will be a public meeting to discuss the skatepark’s future. I hope that kids and families attend to show their support for this place we are lucky to have.

Caroline King