Friday, May 14, 2021


So Many Memories and Moments

Jan. 5 was my final day serving as the state representative for the 101st District. It has been an honor to serve the people of Durham and Madison for almost a decade. Over those years, I have met and gotten to know so many. We have worked together to address problems and create policies that hopefully made a positive difference for our community and our state. My top priorities always included improving educational opportunities for every child, meeting the needs of our most-challenged citizens, making sure that our small towns had a voice at the Capitol, and finally, addressing the long-term fiscal crisis in Connecticut.

I leave with so many memories and moments that have changed me forever. Certainly, the tragedy of Sandy Hook impacted us all. Meeting those who lost a loved one and discussing school safety with parents, townspeople, and of course our teachers was difficult but remarkable. The long emotional night we debated the death penalty opened my eyes and my heart to human experiences of so many of my colleagues. Listening to the heart-wrenching stories of parents who are terrified about the futures of their adult special needs children was a rude awakening for me and others about an ever-growing problem that our state has been slow to really address. I learned that you can understand a state’s priorities by looking at where it chooses to spend its resources and the importance of ensuring that those resources are well spent.

I finish serving knowing that I tried my best, worked hard every day, and always put the people of Durham and Madison first in everything I did. I wish Representative John-Michael Parker the best and know he will serve us all well. Best of luck to him as he takes over. Again, thanks go to all for allowing me to represent them; I have loved almost every minute of it.

Noreen Kokoruda