Friday, May 14, 2021


Find the Resources

I was encouraged to read in the Guilford Mass Notification dated Jan. 22 that a COVID-19 vaccination clinic would be open in Guilford on Jan. 25. I have no doubt that the distribution of the vaccine is a challenging administrative problem. Based on the extraordinary work our local officials have done during the course of this unprecedented health crisis, I have no doubt that they are still doing all they can to keep our community safe.

I am writing because I was alarmed to read in First Selectman Hoey’s notice that “the clinics will be open based on the availability of vaccine that is received from the state and federal government, and the availability of volunteers to staff the clinic.”

This is indefensible. This program should not be reliant on the availability of volunteers.

Volunteers can and do step in to address problems while more durable government and/or private infrastructure is built. In Guilford, for example, volunteers administered and staffed Guilford Cares, which provides grocery delivery to the homebound, the elderly, and other vulnerable members of our community.

However, neither the vaccination program nor its timing is unanticipated. Governor Ned Lamont appointed the Re-Open Connecticut Advisory Group in April 2020; the first vaccine was approved on Dec. 11, 2020.

I can imagine few programs that are more urgently necessary than the vaccination program. I hope that the town and state can find the resources to properly staff it.

Grace Zimmer