Thursday, May 13, 2021


Remarkable What They’ve Done

On behalf of my extended family and many friends, I want to wish Eileen and Tom Banisch a wonderful life ahead as they prepare to move to their new home in South Carolina. They have served this town and its citizens for more than three decades. As I think about the organizations, committees, and projects they have both worked on, and often led, it’s remarkable what they have done for our community. It’s impossible to name the multitude of organizations and projects that Eileen and Tom have supported over the years.

Each of us share a pride that Madison is such a special place to live and raise our families. We know that it’s generous people like the Banisches that have helped to make that happen. We wish Eileen and Tom a wonderful next chapter. Their new town is very fortunate that they will moving there. We will miss them, but know how excited they are to move on. They are appreciated!

Robert Hale