Thursday, May 13, 2021


A Needed Dose of Normalcy

While little about attending school is normal anymore, Madison has done the right thing and kept the joy of a “snow day” alive. It would be easy to not miss a beat and have all students put in a full day of virtual school during the snow storm of Feb. 1. However, as we all experienced as a grade school student, the joy of a snow day is hard to beat. Just the anticipation of maybe a day off begins to build as the first flake hits the ground.

The night before the storm, the new Madison Superintendent of Schools Dr. Craig Cooke emailed all families that Tuesday would be an abbreviated school day with a late start and early dismissal as “not lose an academic day while still allowing for some rest and relaxation that a typical snow day brings.”

That is maintaining a needed dose of normalcy and tradition to the young students’ lives.

Thomas Lombardi