Monday, May 10, 2021


Better for Having Them

Madison is very fortunate with many great volunteers and community workers. Sometimes we don’t always let them know how thankful we are. Eileen and Tom Banisch certainly top the town list of generous and passionate volunteers.

Over the years, we have often joked and called them Mr. & Mrs. Madison, but that’s not too far from the truth. Whether it be sports, church, library, or civic organizations, they have done it all. If someone needed help or a volunteer was needed, Eileen and Tom were there to answer the call. We are very much a volunteer culture in Madison and I can think of no better example of the impact volunteers can have than the Banisches.

As they leave Madison for their new life in South Carolina, I wish them life’s blessings. I thank them for all they have contributed over 30 years to Madison. This community is better for having them be part of it for so long.

Selectman Bruce Wilson (R)