Friday, May 14, 2021


The Cavalier Attitude

A recent letter published in these pages titled “Plan a Ribbon Cutting” [Jan. 28 by Bethany Greeley] gave me pause for thought on the cavalier attitude some townspeople have on the tax burden of homeowners. The writer, in advocating a senior center, wrote, “Seniors want a comfortable space to sit, drink coffee, play cards, laugh, and enjoy a good meal and conversation. Our property taxes can pick up the tab.”

In regard to that last sentence, does the author realize that, demographically, most seniors in Clinton are living on fixed incomes in an increasingly unfriendly investment environment? This would put the additional burden on the vast majority of town seniors who will never use said facility for the benefit of a small, but vocal, minority. The first sentence in the quote seems to describe what we in this country used to call our homes/residences.

How about inviting neighbors over for a cup of coffee rather than adding additional encumbrance to our increasingly strapped taxpayers?

Dave Gagnon