Thursday, May 13, 2021


Love of Service and Community

In Mark’s Gospel, God’s message to his disciples is this, “to be great in the Kingdom of God you must be a servant to all.” This would be a fitting caption to the picture of life in Madison for Eileen and Tom Banisch as they are, both individually and together, among our most giving residents.

Throughout their decades in Madison, Tom and Eileen have been involved in every level of community service, from youth education and sports, civic and business organization leadership, faith-based leadership, and town government. Affectionately referred to as the first couple of Madison, Tom and Eileen Banisch have a long history of giving their time and talents that highlights their love of service and their love of community.

Thankfully, the town of Madison and all its residents have benefited from their commitment to our community. There is no doubt that Madison is a better place for having Tom and Eileen part of our community these many years. In gratitude for their decades of service, I offer my prayers and blessings as they begin a new and well-deserved chapter of their lives in South Carolina.

I also want to congratulate Tom and Eileen as our town government leaders recently voted unanimously to approve individual proclamations for them both, and to officially declare Sunday, Feb. 21 as “Eileen & Tom Banisch Day” in Madison.

Justin Murphy