Thursday, May 13, 2021


If You Want a Good Town

I was surprised and dismayed to see what a close RTM vote there was on the teacher’s contract as they certainly deserve a decent amount of job security and pay equity. I’m very glad it was approved. Teaching is a difficult job that requires many different skills. The Branford school system has a good reputation and that makes it an attractive town for home buyers.

The criticism seems similar to the one a while back about the library funding. Here is another cultural and educational plus for the town. The librarians are outstanding and have handled the citizens request for library materials and programs in creative ways. All this goes on while coping with COVID.

The mention of real estate taxes rings hollow. If you want a good town, you need to fund it on many levels. We have lived here for many years and seen the multitude of services offered. We have never minded paying our (substantial) taxes, even though we did not have children in the school system. It would seem that the property taxes are a narrow lens to try to take money away from the things that make this a great town.

If you own a well-valued property or multiple properties, you will pay more into the town. Those are choices made that should not deprive Branford of good services to all citizens.

Maureen O’Connor