Thursday, May 13, 2021


Give Thoughtful Consideration

The Planning & Zoning Commission hopefully will give thoughtful consideration to the new proposed project at 856 Boston Post Road known as The Ledges. This big white house sits atop a rock outcropping unlike any other along the shoreline. It is directly across the street from the Madison Historical Society’s Allis Bushnell House on what is known as Birnbaum Lane.

The property is to be clear-cut of all trees and shrubs to provide for $1,000,000 duplexes hoping to attract snow birds. The entire rock will be blasted to accommodate more combined asphalt than is on the properties bracketing The Ledges. There is to be a two-lane road leading from Birnbaum Lane to the duplexes.

While most folks would settle for a playscape or a trampoline in their back yards, this applicant prefers to ruin our historic district of 100-year old homes with new duplex “snout” units.

I have watched folks walking and biking, families pushing strollers, and people parking and walking to the beach. Those will be gone.

The addition of 18-plus cars traveling up and down the two-lane road leading from the duplexes and onto our one-way lane, as well as the numerous cars that also use our one-way lane as a shortcut to East Wharf Road, will certainly prohibit folks from using Birnbaum Lane as a walkway into the commercial part of town, which is sad.

This is not a blighted property. This does not fit the true definition of infill, opportunity area or zone, or cluster housing.

This is purely a backyard build. It is nothing more than a money grab. This proposal will destroy our downtown village culture. The Planning & Zoning Commission should reject it.

Margaret Zambarano