Tuesday, September 28, 2021


We Speak Through the Chair

In the March 11, Harbor News, the article “Clinton Town and Schools Spending Plans, Up 8.65% and 1.18%, Go to Public” reported on the March 2 Clinton Town Council Special Meeting. In that article, there was a statement that was attributed to me that read: “Walter told the Harbor News she feels the education budget is too high since it contains salary increases and maintains staffing levels despite a declining school population.” I’d like to clarify that I have not spoken with a staff member of the Harbor News since the inauguration of the new Town Council form of government in Clinton. I have not, nor would I ever, circumvent the Town Council process. The policy of the council is that we speak through the chair and we speak as a collective unit. I believe completely in that policy and would never undermine that process.

That said, the quotes from the budget discussion that they attribute to me in the article are accurate and were taken from the video transcript. If you review the video, that is what I said and I stand behind those words 100 percent. However, when it was stated that I spoke with a Harbor News reporter, that is not true. I do not know why he would say that, or put that in writing.

I would encourage all Clinton taxpayers to watch the budget discussions. They are available on the town website www.clintonct.org. On the Agendas and Minutes page, look for the View Town Council Meetings link in the blue column. You can view the 2021-’22 budget pages by clicking on the Town Council agenda for the upcoming Public Hearing on Wednesday, April 7 at 6 p.m.

Town Council member Carol Walter (R)

Editor’s note: The error to which the author refers was made by the editor, not the reporter. While we did not in this instance speak individually with Carol Walter, as part of the Harbor News’s job is to hold elected individuals accountable to the electorate and the Town Council chair is elected by the council, not the electorate, we do reserve the right to speak individually with Town Council members.