Friday, May 14, 2021


A Far Nicer Public Park

Dock and Dine has proposed building a large food concession on the property adjacent to mini-golf at Saybrook Point. While it's certainly the owner's right to propose it, am I the only person in town who thinks that this beloved and picturesque spot - the mouth of the river, historically enjoyed equally by its first indigenous inhabitants, and then Colonial settlers - would make a far nicer public park, thereby joining Fort Saybrook, the Connecticut Valley Railroad installation, town recreation facilities, and Gardiner's Landing, into one continuous, beautifully-landscaped destination for walkers, bike riders, baby strollers, tai chi and yoga, benches, plantings, photo-ops, birds and butterflies, dog-walkers, perhaps even a gazebo?

What a lovely, civic-minded donation it would make, for which Old Saybrook would surely be forever grateful!

Nathan M. Wise
Old Saybrook