Thursday, May 06, 2021


A Differing Opinion

Lately, I read our local paper (March 11, “Budget Sparks Criticism, Support of Schools’ Equity Work”), and I am appalled at the assumptions reporters, leaders in our town, and many citizens express. A person is not a racist for having a differing opinion. We all have freedom of speech and no one person or group has the right to police speech they do not agree with.

One point of [one letter submitted to the Board of Finance] was, is it valid to be spending $25,000 on an equity coach? Do we need to be spending our money there? We have professional social workers and psychologists in our schools; is this redundant? These professionals have dealt with varied situations such as discrimination, etc. mentioned at the Board of Finance meeting. I worked at the Guilford High School for 21 years and have witnessed these professionals handle many extreme situations with positive results.

Our country is the most diverse and accepting in the world. We are not systematically racist people; we are not inherently racist; we are not white privileged; we are not suppressive. I encourage every taxpaying citizen, and especially parents, to investigate thoroughly the social studies, English, science, and health supplemental and regular curriculum in our schools. Parents should talk to their children about school, inquire about what they are learning, and ask questions about their assignments.

Deborah DeMusis