Thursday, May 06, 2021


Forward-Thinking and Bold

This school year was unparalleled in its complexity. Teachers in the Guilford Public Schools and those who support them were asked to teach and engage students in ways that stretched their professional and personal boundaries. I commend their efforts and commitment to our students.

In the 2021-’22 school year, in which I dare to imagine that our students will be in school full time, our community needs to rally around the needs of our students and teachers. We need to recognize the huge benefit created by investing in the hearts and minds of our children, knowing that we are growing conscientious young adults who will have the capacity to imagine and pursue a more equitable, sustainable future.

The proposed school budget is forward-thinking and bold. It prioritizes the professional development and resources necessary to meet the needs of our students after a challenging school year while also reflecting how our school district can continue to move forward and be a leader in the state.

The 2021-’22 school year represents an opportunity to recommit and reimagine those aspects of our school system that reach beyond acquired skills and strategies. In particular, the provisions for an additional social work position, an equity officer, and teacher residency demonstrate a clear commitment to social justice and a more equitable educational experience for all students.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Freeman has created a budget that not only reflects his continued commitment to supporting the educators in our community, but that supports a vision for educating our students in ways that prepare them to be global citizens. It is our privilege to vote on Tuesday, April 20 in support of our students as well as those who care and nurture them in schools.

Jennifer Scoggin