Wednesday, September 22, 2021


A Cultural Phenomenon

Regarding Hugh Birdsall’s April 8 letter “A Small First Step,” who else is sick of hearing this constant beratement about how biased we all are about skin color, that everything is racist?

No one I know has any problem with skin color. The only thing that matters is behavior. If a certain race, in general (not every individual), is seen exhibiting poor behavior, then of course others will be biased against them, but skin color isn’t the reason. It’s a cultural phenomenon. I invite Mr. Birdsall to join me at Hammonasset State Park the morning after 4th of July to inspect the heaps of basura (look it up) left behind by his “urban population” (his words) that we will inevitably find. [“Basura” is a Spanish word for “trash”.] Will he be the one to clean up Connecticut small town shoreline beaches every morning should HB 6351: An Act Concerning Access to Public Beaches be passed? I think not.

I’ve got news for Mr. Birdsall: Racism isn’t a big problem. The big problem is those who constantly segregate the population into supposedly opposing groups in order to court favor in voting. It is dangerously egregious virtue signaling. And since when did equity become a concern of the Clinton Sustainability Committee? Mr. Birdsall should remove himself and his political agenda from said committee immediately.

David Gagnon