Sunday, June 13, 2021


Ahead of the Curve

I have been proud to call Old Saybrook my home for nearly 32 years and, though I have a long daily commute, it been worthwhile. I believe Old Saybrook to be a great place to live—the quintessential “great place to live”—for many reasons. One of those reasons is a topic that is being hotly debated at the state capitol these days: a diverse housing base.

With all the talk about the state passing laws that would overrule local town zoning, the Town of Old Saybrook should be very proud of its leadership on this issue. Old Saybrook is ahead of the curve in providing transportation-oriented development with an affordability component. Yes, in addition to very prudent fiscal leadership by our first selectman, very accessible transportation, and extensive entertainment options, Old Saybrook has identified a need for reasonably priced housing near the Old Saybrook train station, and elsewhere in town.

This is a great example of why local control, not Hartford control, can make impactful change.

Dan Carstens
Old Saybrook