Thursday, June 24, 2021


Many and Varied Opportunities

I was recently asked about walkability in the town of Old Saybrook. Immediately I began to think about the many and varied opportunities available to all of Old Saybrook’s community members.

Our parks and recreation department has blazed, literally, more than four miles of trails among the pristine acreage in The Preserve. The collaboration forged with our neighbors will open many more hiking opportunities in the near future, no doubt.

To facilitate pedestrian mobility downtown, newly installed sidewalks link the train station to Saybrook Point Mini-Golf. Similarly, one can easily walk safely from Trask Park to downtown and access the Town Green, middle school, and even Founders Park (another town treasure). Grants have minimized the cost to taxpayers while contributing immensely to Old Saybrook’s quality of life. In fact, the Old Saybrook Parks & Recreation Department sponsors at least three community events: a Downtown Walk, Sunset Club on the Sandbar, and for those that wish to walk indoors, the walking track inside the Parks & Recreation Center is available.

That’s not all! The 3T project added a synthetic athletic field, enhanced tennis courts, and an upgraded and improved track. This track and the walking track at the middle school are two additional options to get your steps in.

When the question about walkability was posed, I was impressed and proud to share the multitude of ambulatory options available today knowing that the town will continue to seek more connections for more people to more places.

Selectman Scott M. Giegerich
Old Saybrook