Sunday, June 13, 2021


Noise, Smoke, and Development

If this outdoor, 300-seat restaurant at Saybrook Point, Smoke on the Water, were to be approved, the desecration of one of the most scenic venues in all of New England will be a foregone conclusion. It is quite apparent to me that property owner Jon Kadama and those favoring this ill-conceived project have shown little if any regard to the disastrous effect the noise, smoke, and development will have on the community. The negative effects should be of great concern to everyone in the region.

One of the reasons that our town of Old Saybrook is such a desirable place to live is because people who care have joined together to prevent projects and development that would have an adverse effect on the quality of life we enjoy today. Thirty-two years ago, the Sand Bar property at the point was up for sale and quite possibly could have been purchased for commercial use. That didn’t happen because a group of far-sighted townspeople, along with town officials, got together and decided that the Town of Old Saybrook should purchase the property to preserve the integrity of this unique piece of land for public use.

Once again Old Saybrook is being threatened by ill-conceived development that will have a lasting negative effect on our community. Anyone who agrees with anything I have said should make their thoughts known and come to the town meeting that will be held if necessary to change a floodplain ordinance. At that time they will have the opportunity to vote against it, thereby helping to maintain the beauty and uniqueness of Old Saybrook on the river.

Robert Boody
Old Saybrook