Wednesday, September 22, 2021


A Risk We Cannot Afford

I am writing to encourage the residents of Clinton to support our schools and vote “Yes” on May 12. A school system, like any business, will always have cost of living and salary increases. That is the norm. However, I have heard concerns regarding a few items I would like to discuss.

First is the athletic director’s salary. In previous years, we had a non-certified, part-time person doing the job. As a parent of Morgan athletes, a Booster Club member, and a Friends of Morgan Football member, I can tell you that the hiring of a certified fulltime person was much needed. The athletic director position is an administrative position, but our director is being paid as a teacher. He holds (as required) an administrative degree yet is paid on a lower scale. Second, I have heard of concerns regarding the number of counselors in our district. School counselors, psychologists, social workers, paraprofessionals, and all support staff are desperately needed. Our children are suffering more than ever before. Clinton suffered the loss of a Morgan student in 2019 and at least one other recent graduate in just a few years. These young adults believed that ending their lives was their only option. With this pandemic, the national suicide rate has skyrocketed. Research shows that nearly 25 percent of teens have thought about ending their lives. We need counselors now more than ever.

Many children have a strong support system at home but that cannot be said for hundreds of other children that may not have that same support system. The school is their support system. When we take away our counselors, we risk losing our children. It’s a risk we cannot afford. I encourage your readers to vote “Yes” on May 12!

Katie Fratamico

If you or if someone you know is considering suicide or other forms of self-harm, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.