Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Bang for the Buck

As a former primary/middle school art teacher, I know from firsthand experience what it means to teach with limited budgets. The most resourceful of us become entrepreneurial in order to purchase much-needed supplies and resources to do our best possible work. Those who might not have the time or energy after planning lessons, grading papers, taking graduate classes to renew their professional certification, working a second job, etc. may pass on organizing a bake sale or car wash and just simply reach into their own pockets. (Well, actually I challenge you to show me a teacher who hasn’t ponied-up a nickel to stretch their resources.)

Teaching in the time of coronavirus makes things even more complicated for all educators and their students. From my experience here in Clinton and universally, the education budget nearly always finds resistance from those who really aren’t the ones crunching the numbers. Our Board of Education does an outstanding job of finding ways to get the most bang for the buck. I encourage people to show they really care about education in their town and get out and vote for the education budget on Wednesday, May 12!

Tom Shultz