Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Keep the Momentum Going

I have been living in Clinton a long time and have long said a thriving community starts with its education system. That provides demand for homes, which brings families who support economic development and taxes go down. Well, this year it happened. This year our schools and teachers pivoted and reacted to many challenging situations. But they were prepared. They kept students in school when they could, held sporting events, and managed state guidelines, all the while with an eye on responsible spending. Our teachers have never worked harder. Many of them live in town and routinely go above and beyond for its youth.

A thriving community takes us all. New families are moving in at unprecedented rates. Economic growth can be seen just by taking a short drive. And taxes are going down. Let’s keep the momentum going. I encourage your readers to show up on Wednesday, May 12 and support Clinton and support the budget!

Valerie Nye