Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Nibbles: Ninja Pro

About three years ago, wrote about the Ninja Pro, which I had bought because my friend Ralph Turri raved about it. Just in case it was not everything he said it was, I never got rid of my blender.

Now I will take my blender to Goodwill. My Ninja comes with three jars—one big enough to put an entire bowl of hot soup into it, a smaller one, and a little one for smoothies. Because the blade is very tall and does not sit in an open hole, as it would in my Cuisinart, liquid does not seep out of the bowl. It purées in less than 4 seconds. I make all my salad dressings in double batches, but it will take small amounts because the blade goes all the way into the bottom. It costs just over $100. I still need my Cuisinart food processor for slicing and grating and making bread dough, but the Ninja is a real workhorse.

—Lee White

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