Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Nibbles: Slicing Apples

This is my favorite season. I love to bake and I love apples and pears. I make pies and tarts and cakes and I am crazy about the way my house smells when they came out of the oven. But I cannot stand slicing apples and pears. I have had apple peelers and apple corers and they don’t work at all. I always use a sharp paring knife, but I lose too much of the fruit, I sometimes slice my fingers and, after half an hour, my fingers cramp. When I made this complaint to my friend, Katrina, she asked me why I don’t use a vegetable peeler. Well, I thought, why didn’t I? The next day I took a big Granny Smith apple and used my OXO peeler. I have two and bought them decades ago when there was still a Lechter’s at a mall. I can peel five pounds of potatoes in under five minutes. Now I can peel an apple in less than 30 seconds. Thanks, Katrina.

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