Friday, May 14, 2021

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Nibbles: Winter is Here

On a recent morning, I looked outside, saw it was snowing, and decided I would not be going out because I have a new car and I am treating it like a new puppy, kitten, or human baby. Once it hits 5,000 miles, I may drop the snow curfew. Now that it is getting snowy and cold, I am also winterizing my pantry. I just bought six cartons of unsalted chicken stock, fresh heads of garlic, and five or more pounds of sweet onions and carrots. I replaced old tins of spices and ordered a few cases of Muir Glen tomatoes. I am ready for the soups, stews, and braises I plan to make. This way, when I wake up and see that I won’t be going out, I am ready to hunker down for the day or longer.—Lee White

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