Friday, May 14, 2021

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Gefen Organic Red Beets

There are people who love beets and those who loathe them. This is just for those who, like me, adore them.

I was invited to a very small dinner party at friends in Griswold. I was asked to bring an appetizer and I remembered an article in Food Magazine about a dip made with basil pesto. I went to the market and bought a very good plain yogurt (Siggi). I also found, in the organic section, some whole peeled and cooked ready-to-eat beets. So I made two dips, one with pesto I had frozen in the summer and the other with grated beets and yogurt. The latter I added some salt and pepper. I also ate one of the beets, whole. It was the best beet I have ever tasted. And the package requires no refrigerated until open, Almost everyone at the party loved it. Except for Theresa, who loathes beets.

Gefen Organic Red Beets

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