Friday, May 07, 2021

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Guilford First Selectman Named Tweed Interim Executive Director

Guilford First Selectman Matt Hoey is taking on an additional role. On Feb. 20, Hoey was named the interim director of Tweed New Haven Airport Authority.

The position is unpaid. Hoey has served on the board for close to three years now and this interim position would just be an expansion of his role as a board member.

“It’s not a paid position, it’s a volunteer position and obviously I will not be fulfilling the full time duties of the job,” he said. “I will be there to sign checks, approve expenses, and be available for meetings as need.”

Hoey said he expects to only be at the airport once a week, likely around lunch time to sign papers and meet with staff as needed. The executive director of the authority recently opened up when former director Tim Larson was tapped to join Governor Ned Lamont’s administration.

The interim position will likely only last a few months. Hoey said the authority looked to an interim director rather than immediately finding a permanent hire for the role because of ongoing negotiations with the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA).

“There are a series of discussion that are taking place with the CAA and until such time as we have a better feel for how those discussions will pan out, it was thought an interim director would be most appropriate role for the near term,” Hoey said.

The Tweed authority and CAA current have a working committee set up to explore CAA either acquiring or taking an operating role at Tweed. For now, Hoey said he is pleased to hold this position.

“This is an extension of my role as a board member and I feel that having a presence on the board has been important because Guilford will also benefit from a strong regional airport along the shoreline,” he said.

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